I involuntarily got nominated for this quest beginning around 2008, trapped in a web of organized crime that cannot be understood until you become a victim. The goal of this site is to enlighten citizens of the State of Pennsylvania, and other affected States, to the root of the judicial system crisis we now face. Honest people are losing their assets, their children and their freedom- due to the racketeering and organized crime- that has taken over the American legal system. At the end of this article,  is the text of Article V Section 10(c) of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

The ‘justice’ system  has been perverted into a commerce system- as a result of a very specific mistake in legislation. In 1968, a “constitutional convention” was held in Pennsylvania by a group of lawyers- and Proposition 7 was passed amending the State Constitution with Article V.  The Supreme Court interpreted the Statute as giving themselves self-regulatory powers and the right to pass their own rules without interference from the legislature.  This is a complete violation of the U.S. Constitution which mandates that only Congress can pass laws. It also effectively usurped the checks and balance system between the branches of government, which is the keystone to a democratic system.   Approximately 22 other States passed similar legislation around this time. 

A ‘Catch 22’ then formed, as you will read in the post regarding the General Assembly challenging the Supreme Court in this matter, whereby the Supreme Court claimed it now had the power over  the decision whether or not they had properly interpreted the Statute.  And it was downhill from there, as attorneys began making their own “rules”- allowing themselves to perpetrate actions which in any other venue would be crimes. Professional “cults”  developed as a result of this legislation –  called “bar associations.”As always, the motivation is to maximize profits,   for the members of the bar associations. at the expense of  vulnerable  people that are forced to pay them for help.

While the Supreme Court (composed of these “cult” members) has interpreted Article V- as a call for an “independent” judiciary, what has resulted is the gradual deterioration of the legal system into a “rogue” judicial branch of the government.  Much of the content posted here is complex- thanks to this mutilated system- as it the attorneys  strive to exclude the public from being able to navigate their own courts, forcing them to either pay to receive justice, or else suffer severe losses.

§ 10.  Judicial administration.
        (c)  The Supreme Court shall have the power to prescribe
     general rules governing practice, procedure and the conduct of
     all courts, justices of the peace and all officers serving
     process or enforcing orders, judgments or decrees of any court
     or justice of the peace, including the power to provide for
     assignment and reassignment of classes of actions or classes of
     appeals among the several courts as the needs of justice shall
     require, and for admission to the bar and to practice law, and
     the administration of all courts and supervision of all officers
     of the Judicial Branch, if such rules are consistent with this
     Constitution and neither abridge, enlarge nor modify the
     substantive rights of any litigant, nor affect the right of the
     General Assembly to determine the jurisdiction of any court or
     justice of the peace, nor suspend nor alter any statute of
     limitation or repose. All laws shall be suspended to the extent
     that they are inconsistent with rules prescribed under these
     provisions. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the
     General Assembly may by statute provide for the manner of
     testimony of child victims or child material witnesses in
     criminal proceedings, including the use of videotaped
     depositions or testimony by closed-circuit television.
     Articel V Section 18, formed the Judicial Conduct Board in 1993, which has been just as big a disaster.  Simply put, no part of our Constitution should allow a branch of government to check and balance it self– its contary to everything our Founders devised to preserve our freedom from tyranny.


Advocacy Against Judicial Immunity

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