Jihad by the Judiciary: The Rogue American Courts Weaken the Country

Ten of thousands of American’s are now realizing they are not alone in being victimized by their own government, that is supposed to protect  and provide justice for them.   From the weakening of our immigration policies, to having  homes forced into foreclosure  on a  massive scale, the self-regulation of our most powerful branch, has allowed policies that  have weakened our economy and security.  This is no more apparent than in the current condition of our judicial branch, which has appointed themselves as having  the final say in the passage of laws.  

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Publicly Funded Justice Reform Agency Refuses to Address Court Corruption- Sends funds to Europe

The below email was a response to an inquiry through their website regarding their progress in addressing the most abusive area in civil law – the family courts.The National Center for State Courts receives millions of dollars in public funding. If you have never heard of this organization, it is not suprising because they have accomplished little more than creating jobs for dozens of lawyers- on your tax dollars.  They determined that the below email content violates the “code of conduct.”  You be the judge.  You can contact them here – the below email address is non responsive of course.

Decline message from connected.ncsc

Class Action Scams

Why You Should Opt-Out

If you have ever received a notice in the mail inviting you to join in a class action lawsuit, or received an unexpected check for some negligible amount, please read on. These lawsuits are being generated not by the public, but by the lawyers. While they claim they perform a public service by controlling corporate corruption, the regulations are designed by the bar associations specifically to cycle money into their political machine and pockets, rather than for maintaining social order.  Instituting your own lawsuit would, if you prevailed, be substantially more rewarding.

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