IMPEACH: Hang ‘Em High By Their Testicles for Exempting Judges from Whistleblower Claims!

It does not get anymore corrupt than this!  Read it for yourself below – it is just a microcosm of everything that is rancid in our nation’s government. Here an older man who worked for the Courts, clearly lost his job for exposing corruption.  He sued- only to have it dismissed by three judicial thugs who have no right under the Commonwealth Constitution or federal civil rights law -to deny a jury trial.  But somehow these scumbags on the bench- decided that “legislature did not intend to include the Courts.”

WHAT THE FUCK?? This case ruling is as bad as it gets, especially since at least two of the judges (Colin and Robeson) had even more conflicts of interest as members of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board.  Judge Pelligrini and his two mob associates just exempted the entire Judiciary from being sued by a whistleblower in their midsts.  The case is now being challenged in Federal Court (2:18-cv-00097) District Court, W.D. Pennsylvania), although the swamp is just as rancid there.

Judge Dan Pelligrini
Judge Gardner Colins
Judge Kevin Brobson






How dare they block this from a public jury trial?  Porngate, Kids for Cash, Pedophilia Priest coverups, Penn State Sandusky…. HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF OUR FAKE COURTS?   If you as a citizen have any integrity yourselves, you will contact your legislators and DEMAND THESE JUDGES BE IMPEACHED!


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