The Dead Weight of the PHRC: $8 Million to Investigate Black Golf Discrimination & Employ Cronies

With an $8 million dollar budget and no legitimate  way to fund it, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission continues to bleed taxpayers with cronyism and affirmative action appeasement.  While the Commission is supposed to protect all citizens against discrimination, the only thing the Commission has done recently is  investigate discrimination against each other.

Chairman Robinson is OUT

After allegations of racism and discrimination ending in the removal of  Chairman Gerald S. Robinson in 2017,    Governor Wolf  replaced him with Chadd Dion Lassiter.  His qualifications in this area are he seems to have done Social Work research at the  University of Pennsylvania and is a “Race Relations Professor.”  However,  the agency continues to ignore complaints from anyone who does not fit their race agenda.

New PHRC Direct is Lassiter but from Where?

Since Lassiter glided in,  PHRC has approved the convening of an investigatory hearing related to the ongoing issues of racial tension growing out of the recent treatment of five African American golfers at the Grandview Golf Course in York County.

On the other hand, when a 60-year old white woman brought a complaint regarding age discrimination after applying for 50 jobs, at Thomas Jefferson University, which is one of the largest contributors to Pennsylvania politicians, she  received no attention.  Lassiter refused to respond to a request for any similar cases they may actually have acted upon for non-minorities.

PHRC Attorney Geoff Biringer

Geoffrey Biringer, Esq of Cumberland County, was appointed  the Director of Education & Community Services  for the PHRC, in 2015.  Mr. Biringer retired after 35 years working for Mid-Penn as Legal Counsel. So not only  is he probably collecting Social Security and a pension, but as luck would have it he was hired by the state, and is currently investigating the “dire situation of hostility” in the public schools.

Biringer is one of many parasitic people pulling in multiple incomes in the government, where retirees and part timers with political connections are frequently hired, and receive increases in salaries few can only dream of  10-20% every year.  If that sounds discriminatory against the elderly,  at least it doesn’t defy the logic of employing political insiders when half the state cannot even find one decent job.

The pensions funds for the state have long been unsustainable, so it has come down to robbing Peter and in return, to pay for Judge Pauls’ million dollar vacation property.  While the state has hundreds of millions in budget shortfalls, the General Fund is being supplemented very visibly by extortion in the family courts, estimated to be ~$2 billion per year.  This profit does not include that foreclosures deliberately engineered by the Judiciary that garner hefty revenues for the State via Sheriff Sales.

Not suprisingly Mr. Biringer’s broad experiences include bankruptcy and family law- which go hand-in-hand in Pennsylvania.  Families involved in court here, frequently wind-up in bankruptcy from frivolous legal entrapments, courtesy of the most corrupt Judiciary in the nation as they are fleeced to fund useless agencies like the PHRC and government union pension funds.


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