Bar Association Claims Members Are Above the Law


The below excerpt is from the Preamble of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers.  It was taken from the rules in Pennsylvania, however, it is derived from the American Bar Association’s national rules,  that controls all of the country’s bar associations. It claims that the Judicial System is not dependent upon the government for the right to practice law.  This is beyond unconstitutional, a lawless statement and it is unbelievable that it has gone unchallenged for decades.

[11] To the extent that lawyers meet the obligations of their professional calling, the occasion for government regulation is obviated. Self-regulation also helps maintain the legal profession’s independence from government domination. An independent legal profession is an important force in preserving government under law, for abuse of legal authority is more readily challenged by a profession whose members are not dependent on government for the right to practice. Continue reading “Bar Association Claims Members Are Above the Law”

DOJ Cites that Jailing Debtors is Unconstitutional…It May Be Time to Jail Judges Instead…

The former head of the Department of Justice Civil Rights division, Vanita Gupta,  sent out a bold letter (below) before her resignation in 2016. What many courts consider a “routine administrative matter” of forcing defendants to pre-pay a “bond” or “bail” before they’re allowed to schedule a court date, or incarcerate a person for nonpayment of fines or fees without first conducting an indigency determination and establishing that the failure to pay was willful,  is actually unconstitutional, Gupta wrote. This is especially applicable to family court and support  issues. Continue reading “DOJ Cites that Jailing Debtors is Unconstitutional…It May Be Time to Jail Judges Instead…”

Sordid Backgrounds of Pennsylvania Judges

Updated May 31, 2017

When former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane received a campaign contribution from billionaire, twice convicted mobster Louis DeNaples,  she returned it.  But that did not stop the media in Pennsylvania from heavily reporting on it.   The media further made a huge deal that District Attorney Stephen Zappala also got  donations from DeNaples, resulting in his withdrawing from his candidacy for Pennsylvania Attorney General last year.  Continue reading “Sordid Backgrounds of Pennsylvania Judges”

The Money Laundering Behind Chronic Judicial Corruption

The renowned journal the Legal Intelligencer recently revisited an embarrassing industry topic in an article entitled “Why Do Pennsylvania’s Courts Suffer From Chronic Scandal?” While the author included its numerous infamous scandals as evidence, they fell short in answering their own question.  It is answered here. The failure to remedy the situation itself speaks volumes, with an  obvious aversion to interfering with the status quo…  the reason is simple and  not unique to Pennsylvania. Continue reading “The Money Laundering Behind Chronic Judicial Corruption”

Is Pennsylvania Government Run by the Mafia…Or is this just Non-Compliance with EEOC? Judge for Yourself!


LOOK WHO HOLDS   ALL THESE KEY OFFICIAL POSITIONS NOW OR JUST PREVIOUSLY..would it be odd if all these names were all Asian, Jewish or some other ethnicity? It does not look like it is Russia that is the “deep state” …it appears it more like John Podesta and friends! There are a lot positions here that the citizens depend upon for ethics and law enforcement of public officials. Continue reading “Is Pennsylvania Government Run by the Mafia…Or is this just Non-Compliance with EEOC? Judge for Yourself!”

Federal Judges Caught Fixing Cases- Does the Corruption Lead to SCOTUS?

Last Updated May 29, 2017 : 8:10 PM EST

Even for those that have become resigned to accepting the status quo,  the series of events in the following brings a whole new perspective to judicial corruption.   While such abuse of power is now expected, the state of Pennsylvania has very unique influence all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.   If none of the following is true, the above pictured federal judges surely would have offered proof to refute it, to “preserve confidence” in the judiciary.  Thus far they have declined to do so. Continue reading “Federal Judges Caught Fixing Cases- Does the Corruption Lead to SCOTUS?”

The Black Hole at the Bottom of the Swamp

As President Trump  struggles to “make America great again”  the “draining of the swamp” has been self-effectuating. We just saw how some of that muck surfacing from the bottom,  could possibly have put themselves in control of national security. There is a larger lesson here to be learned  from the dog and pony show that three judges put on for the country. Continue reading “The Black Hole at the Bottom of the Swamp”

Clintongate versus Porngate: A Tale of Two Email Scandals That Just Doesn’t Add Up

The saga of Democrat and first female Pennsylvania Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, is an interesting contrast to that of Presidential Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton’s quagmire regarding mishandling of official government emails.  In fact, the two women are, or were comrades and Clinton supported Kane’s run for office in 2012. The difference of course is who they were up against and how much money they had to fight allegations, making the speed and timing of today’s announcement that Clinton has been cleared a bit suspicious. Continue reading “Clintongate versus Porngate: A Tale of Two Email Scandals That Just Doesn’t Add Up”

Why Hurry When You Are Getting Paid by the Hour?

The unregulated,  unlimited ability of attorneys to charge their clients by the hour, for as many hours a week as possible,  is nothing more than an incentive to prolong cases. This is an abomination in this country.  The members of every bar association have used this to trap litigants in the court  system until they extort as much of their assets as possible.  There is no motivation for any attorney to ever expedite a case quickly, and in fact the current system has the exact opposite objective.  Judges never issue sanctions against attorneys, as these attorneys are the ones that put them in office to begin with, by funding their judicial campaigns. Continue reading “Why Hurry When You Are Getting Paid by the Hour?”

Erosion of the Seventh Amendment

Without the Seventh Amendment, which guarantees the right to civil jury trial, we cannot defend our rights under the First, Second, or any other Amendments of the Bill of Rights. Jury trials are the institutional check against judicial criminality.  Because relatively few people become involved in litigation, the fact that civil jury trials have almost completely disappeared has gone unnoticed.The average citizen assumes that should they become entangled in a lawsuit, the problem will be resolved by a jury of their peers. They are sorely mistaken; more often than not, they will be at the mercy of one person — a judge who has very little restrictions on how they want to apply the law. Continue reading “Erosion of the Seventh Amendment”