Are We Witnessing the End of Democracy through the Judicial Branch-As Jefferson Predicted?

This site contains documentation regarding  the effect of ignoring warnings, that are now being realized.  The truth may very well be that this all evolved without any sort of conspiracy- just the natural evolution that comes about through time, when the checks and balances that were put in place by one generation, were somehow  inadvertently removed. Of the three branches of government – Executive, Legislative and Judiciary- the third has attained unchecked power.  

There can be no democracy when one branch of the government has become exempt from public scrutiny, making it nearly impossible for the people to ensure  their officials follow the law.  At this time in our history, we are basically a lawless country. The Judicial Branch is the backbone of the government. However, it has become little more than a venue for opportunistic officials to deprive people of their assets, their children and their freedom- due to the racketeering now pervasive throughout the courts.  It has been perverted into a commerce system.  Yes, we are a capitalist nation, but certain entities are not conducive to an unregulated profit structure.  A price cannot be put on health, and justice cannot be sold to the highest bidder, but that is the situation we have today in the U.S.A.

The ability of the average person to benefit or enforce the laws has been severely diminished. This has affected the cost of healthcare, the rise in foreclosures due to mortgage fraud, increased unlawful incarceration, and hastening of the disappearance of the middle class- which is the sign of a healthy democracy.

What is Causing the Decline of Our Civil Rights?

The removal of the Judicial Branch, from the definition of an “agency” under the “Open Meeting Law” aka “Sunshine Act” has broken down the checks and balance system as was designed by the founding fathers.   We have laws that you can read, but you cannot access them, because in between are “rules” written unilaterally by members of the Judicial Branch.  They have become “independent”- and have overpowered the executive and legislative branches.  Although we have laws on the books, the vast majority of citizens can neither afford to utilize them, or they will be blocked from due process to protect the corporate interests of an elite class that has formed. This is what will be explained in the following content.

 An attempt is made herein, to make this as simple as possible for a layperson to understand, because it is up to the laypersons, who make up the majority of our country, to act to reverse the damage that has been done. If you have never been involved in the U.S. court system as a litigant, it will be difficult to accept what follows.  But mechanisms such as the unregulated hourly fee charging by attorneys, as an example, has destroyed due process. Without the judiciary having to answer to our elected officials and having open meetings that the public can attend, this will continue to block people from receiving any form of justice, or changing outdated or just bad law, unless they belong to an elite class that can afford to pay for it.

 However, it is unfortunately not the country in which the baby boomers grew up. Things were not perfect, but they were not this bad. So if you have read this far, hopefully you will read and share the rest. That is the least you can do to educate others, and allow them to come to their own conclusions.

The gravamen of the declining  condition of our country, stems directly from the judicial branch, at all levels.  The history of how the courts transgressed into what is now virtually a crime syndicate, is detailed herein.  Unsuspecting, honest people are losing their assets, their children and their freedom- due to the racketeering through one national organization – the American Bar Association (ABA)- which is the underlying power of the Judicial Branch. The ABA, and its state and county subsidiaries, operate under the cloak of “nonprofit” status. The ABA essentially controls all of the state-level bar associations. For example, it is the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA), which in turn controls all the county-level bar associations.

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