Is Pennsylvania Government Run by the Mafia…Or is this just Non-Compliance with EEOC? Judge for Yourself!


LOOK WHO HOLDS   ALL THESE KEY OFFICIAL POSITIONS NOW OR JUST PREVIOUSLY..would it be odd if all these names were all Asian, Jewish or some other ethnicity? It does not look like it is Russia that is the “deep state” …it appears it more like John Podesta and friends! There are a lot positions here that the citizens depend upon for ethics and law enforcement of public officials.

With the history of Italians and organized crime,  and the massive amount of public corruption in this state, especially from its looks like something is rotten in  the Commonwealth.  They are  11% of the population.  The second largest group is Irish–maybe there is a requirement to be a Catholic?   The entire General Assembly shows the same demographics.  Somebody is in violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act!

  1. Panella, Jack – Chairman, PA Supreme Court Judiciary Disciplinary Council
  2. Graci, Robert – Chief Counsel, Judicial Conduct Board– concealed his participation in Justice Michael Eakins campaign, dismissed the AG Complaint against him. PA State Ethics commission was supposed to investigate Graci- never happened because his Admin Paula is the wife of the Executive Director of the Ethics Commission.
  3. Massa, Joseph – honorable mention- previous Chief Counsel, Judicial Conduct Board who concealed Kids for Cash scheme by Ciavarelli; then he was quietly removed as a fall guy.
  4. Scirica, Anthony – Federal Third Circuit Judge, and former Montgomery County Judge- currently Chairman of the Judiciary Disciplinary Committee for the U.S. Judicial Conference –nominated Alito for the Supreme Court.
  5. Marino, Thomas – U.S. Congressman 10th District of PA – House Judiciary Committee Washington DC  – former U.S. Attorney resigned because he concealed association with DeNaples, convicted billionaire mobster in PA. He went to work for DeNaples afterwards for $250,000 a year – and then got elected to Congress- probably funded by DeNaples.
  6. Alito, Samuel – U.S. Supreme Court Judge from the PA Third Circuit (vets all requests for certiorari to the Supreme Court) – Scirica is a very close friend and nominated him for the U.S. Supreme Court.
  7. Castille, Ronald – former PA Supreme Court Chief Justice –re-engineered court procedures; publicly accused of assisting DeNaples by interfering with an appeal.
  8. Zapalla Sr, Steven – former PA Supreme Court Justice (son involved in Kids for Cash and accused of attempted murder by former Supreme Court Justice Larsen). Zappala “retired” and was being paid $275,000 a year by Denaples as head of his nonprofit “PA Casino Association.”
  9. Soprano, John – Director, Bureau of Enforcement, PA Corporate Investigations
  10. Petrarca, Joseph- Minority Chair, PA House Judiciary Committee
  11. Marsico, Ronald – Majority Chair, PA House Judiciary Committee
  12. Scarnati, Joseph, Senate Pro Tempore, Appoints all committee members
  13. Caruso, Robert – Executive Director, State Ethics Commission
  14. Caruso, Paula – Administrator, Judicial Conduct Board (wife of Robert Caruso)
  15. Colafella, Nicholas – Chairman, State Ethics Commission
  16. DePasquale, Eugene – Auditor General
  17. Lori, John – CPA, Deputy Auditor General
  18. Cali, Daniel P.-State Ethics Commission, Special Investigator
  19. Grado, Joseph- State Ethics Commission, Special Investigator
  20. Cali, Brian – PA Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board (reportedly lives next door to DeNaples)
  21. DiPasquale, Nichole – Administration of PA Courts – Judicial Financial Disclosure Administrator- delayed my request for two months on Judge Haaz. These requests are otherwise usually answered in 24 hours.
  22. Corsetti, Nicholas V.- Superior Court, Western Dist,. Deputy Prothonotary
  23. Bizzosco, Irene M. – PA Supreme Court Grievance Officer
  24. DiPasquale, Michael – Superior Court Eastern District, Deputy Prothonotary
  25. Torsella, Joseph – honorable mention – New PA State Treasurer
  26. Fisher, Michael (Maternal lineage)- Federal Judge a – was PA Attorney General during most of the concealed Sandusky investigation, then ran for governor. He has tens of thousands of campaign contributions from Zappala and Denaples.

Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission – they are in charge of disciplinary enforcement of real estate professionals- one of the most lucrative businesses in the country.. closely tied in with the banking industry.

ALL APPOINTED BY FAST EDDIE RENDELL AND RE-NOMINATED OR NOMINATED BY CORBETT- except one, many into multiple terms of these positions.  And where it says “public members” – well not exactly– these are all political insiders that are either lobbyists or have other connnections.

Barbieri, Esq., Alexis L. (Public Member) – 1st Term

Cestra, Annie Hanna – 3rd Term

DiTomo, Esq., Nicole
Office of Attorney General

Ferrara Jr., Armand – 1st Term

Galko, Vincent A. (Public Member) – 1st Term

Haas, Joyce C. (Public Member) – 1st Term

Johnson, Jeffrey J. (Vice Chair) – 2nd Term

McGettigan, Joseph J. (Chair) – 3rd Term

Seebeck, Edward L. (Secretary) – 1st Term

Tarantino, Jr., Joseph  – 5th Term


 Who is running your county?

MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Out of 29 acti
ves judges, these three judges below are in charge of the vast majority of the thousands of county foreclosures.

  • Branca, Thomas
  • DelRicci, Thomas (now President Judge )
  • Tornetta-Carluccio, Caroline (Family owns Tornetta Real Estate and they own the Court House Annex building which they rent back to the county. It is further interesting that her husband, Tom Carluccio was chosen as Special Prosecutor in charge of railroading AG Kathleen Kane.)
  • Castora, Jane – Director of Sheriff Sales

PORNGATE  – More “Lack of Diversity”

 For sure the U.S. Attorney is familiar with this scandal in Pennsylvania.  There approximately 40 participants on the first batch of emails released by Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who were employees of her department.. We now know there are 13 judges who participated in this but their identities are being concealed by the above people .

  1. Fina, Frank
  2. Parna, Glenn
  3. Carusone, Christopher
  4. Abruzzo, Christopher
  5. Policare, Gregory
  6. Cranga, Michael
  7. DeTitto, Louis
  8. Costanzo, Mark
  9. Sartori, James
  10. LaPenta, S.
  11. Montague, Robert
  12. Scurto, James
  13. Cioce, A.
  14. Fiore, Anthony
  15. Chirillo, Frank
  16. Sabo, Mark
  17. Bugda, Theodore
  18. Campolongo
  19. Borelli, VJ

2 thoughts on “Is Pennsylvania Government Run by the Mafia…Or is this just Non-Compliance with EEOC? Judge for Yourself!”

  1. I am familiar with kids for cash…
    And yes, I am familiar with kids for cash…

    Is there an attorney that can be used to get things done in Pa.
    I sure would like to practice..
    But as you. Know, it is controlled… and I am black balled, somehow…

  2. I am familiar with kids for cash…

    Is there an attorney that can be used to get things done in Pa.
    I sure would like to practice..
    But as you. Know, it is controlled… and I am black balled, somehow…

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