Ever Wonder Where Law Firms Get the Millions of Extra Dollars Contributed to Politicians?

The Average American
The Average American

From you of course- whether or not you are involved with the courts.  It is easy to assume that lawyers make so much money it’s from their personal piggybanks, or that they pass the hat around at the water cooler.  That’s what they expect you to think, but closer to the truth is that it comes from politically-protected case-fixing, orchestrated in plain sight for anyone that bothers to pay attention. It’s so obvious its maddening that it has been allowed to continue unmentioned for about five decades. And you- either directly or indirectly, pay for this obscene, highly visible quid pro quo.

In the state of Pennsylvania approximately $50 million from lawyers miraculously appeared in the last general election, a pattern consistent across the country, as among the largest donor sectors. The implications of this are a government betrayal of monumental porportions. If this were medieval times, judges would be stripped naked of their robes and hung out in the town square next to the lawyers.  There are a couple of especially highly visible charades that deliver their bounty  to them, in this sham posing as a civil justice system.

One  is the family court business – which is about $100 billion nationwide and $2 billion a year in Pennsylvania.  There is no choice when you want to undo a marriage contract, and you expect you may lose a few thousands dollars and have a year or two of aggravation.


But it only goes that smoothly if you are willing to immediately hand over a certain percentage of your networth. Otherwise, you may be drained over a decade as they convert whatever assets they can locate, into hourly billing.  They force liquidation of assets by engineering foreclosures with fabricated and inflated legal fees liened on your property, all with the blessings of the judges who depend upon their funding for elections.  The correlation between those that came into court with no financial problems, but forced into foreclosures, bankruptcy and families needing to go on public assistance,  is alarmingly high.

The other area is of course, in medical malpractice and personal injury cases.  However, it is much more politically-protected  than people realize.  A few prime examples can be seen at these two law firms- that belong to  very prominent political families – of the late  U.S. Senator Arlen Specter and U.S. Congressman Robert Casey, Jr. – especially Specter who nominated over 20 federal judges to the bench in Pennsylvania.

Although there are about 30,000 licensed lawyers in the state, you will be hard-pressed to  find many with this type of “success” that are not politically-connected.  The two above law firms are highly visible major campaign contributors, who can be thanked for the outrageous costs we now have for healthcare and car insurance.   The law partners own multiple million dollars homes that they have not legitimately earned.

Most people accept that  we have a corrupt system, and believe it has always been this way.   It has not always been this way – it appeared with the gradual elimination of jury trials and the insertion of self-disciplinary systems by poorly or deliberately flawed policies. If any journalist ever has the power or courage to make it mainstream news, it could set off a bloody revolution as the biggest deception  in the history of the nation.

So essentially the Governor who received $3 million, the Attorney General  who recieved $1 million, and most other public officials are participating in the biggest money laundering scheme in the history of the nation and probably the world. The Attorney General may be especially guilty, in refusing to investigate claims against members of the judiciary and legislature, that allege organized crime.  They refer all victims to the Judicial Conduct Board, which is a fake organization run by the lawyers themselves.

As long as it does not involve them, the masses just grumble under their breath and head off to their nine-to-five jobs.  They resign to be happy with the scraps they are being left by the non-profit bar association-run legal industry- that control the banks, insurance companies and the courts.

  It is the ultimate Catch 22, for to correct this problem the legislators would have to ban themselves from the practice of law or lawyers from serving in the legislature- among other self sacrifices.  The odds of that happening are from zero to none with the ongoing apathy.  If the legal industry is not regulated there is not much hope for this country to survive, as their crimes under color of  law remain under the radar.


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