Maybe This is Why your Health Insurance is So High- Why Would Anyone Donate Money to Thomas Jefferson University or Hospital?

Take a long look at the IRS 990 form which shows the salaries of the executives at Thomas  Jefferson University and Hospital. President Stephen Klasko makes close to $3 million a year, and their Chief Counsel, Cristina Cavalieri makes almost $2 million.  The Hospital is even worse, with former executives  like Tom Lewis and David McQuaid make over a quarter to a half million a year just in pensions. What exactly are they doing to deserve those kinds of salaries at this allegedly “non-profit” corporation? Maybe this is why healthcare costs are so high!

Every year they send emails to their approximately 8000 employees, most of whom make less than $50,000 a year – trying to humiliate them into donating for “research.”  If that money is going to research, where is the millions for executive salaries coming from?

Supposedly there is an effort in Pennsylvania to redefine what qualifies as a non profit, but as of now maybe the shortfall in the Commonwealth’s budget could be remedied by taxing the $3 billion in the Alumni and Foundation of Thomas Jefferson University.

Not much has ever resulted from research at non profits.  The majority of advances in medicine are made by pharmaceutical companies.  The only thing nonprofits do is generate revenue for the 1% that use them for tax shelters. Where does this nonsense end?   May when the public stops being such push overs.


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