Government Transparency has Prohibitive Costs for the Public

In investigating the massive amount of self-represented litigants, that are denied allocatur by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the statistics were requested for those that were granted a review.

The response from the Administration of Pennsylvania Courts is posted below.  The questions is, what are the costs involved in searching a database and mailing a file, in response to a request?  The work is presumably done by an employee who is already being paid for administrative services, through our tax dollars.

Perhaps this request intimated them, after my numerous attempts at questioning pro se  discrimination by our courts. The requested information should be reported in their annual reports, as it is a very serious problem with the Judicial Branch, which they have avoided addressing for decades.

The American Bar Association, for to long, has controlled access to the courts, by exorbitant, unregulated attorney hourly fees.  To add salt to the wound, if you do represent yourself, you will invariable be treated with resentment and hostility.

I encourage others to request the below information from your state court administration. Thus far, I have not been able to find anyone who is not paying an attorney or who is not a member of the bar themselves, that has been granted allocutor with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.