1974 – Governor Shapp Orders State Attorney General to Review Sunshine Laws

Dear Governor Shapp:

You have requested that I prepare an opinion to make as clear as possible the full impact and intent of Act No. 175 of 1974, effective September 17, 1974, and known as the Sunshine Law. This opinion, subject to any future judicial order, shall be binding upon department heads, boards, commissions and officers of the Commonwealth as provided by Section 512 of the Administrative Code, but shall be only advisory as to other governmental bodies.

Are We Witnessing the End of Democracy through the Judicial Branch-As Jefferson Predicted?

This is not another site of a conspiracy theorist, or a paranoid rant about an alternate society running our government. This is a documented expose’, regarding the effect of ignoring warnings, that are now being realized. The truth may very well be that this all evolved without any sort of conspiracy- just the natural evolution that comes about through time, when the checks and balances that were put in place by one generation, were somehow inadvertently removed. Of the three branches of government – Executive, Legislative and Judiciary- the third has attained unchecked power.

Judicial Accountability Advocacy

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