Police Abuse Case in PA

Subject: Complaint, asking for investigation Tioga County Jail, Wellsboro, PA.
I have requested assistance from my local Warden Terry Browning who says I cannot file a grievance because I am not an inmate. Although I have been struggling with brain damage done in an illegal arrest by an officer of the law I had already turned in to Internal Affairs back in 2010 as the victim back then but for the same kind of problems as I have become victim of again by. I have requested asiatnce from the Warden and county commissioners as can only afford public defendants. I have been severally injured and no one will assist my efforts to even find out what has happened during the 5 hours of little memories, after the illegal brutal force done by police. Here is a letter I have handed in to my local jail and with absolutely no help given.

He claims i can only file this if i am a inmate, even though when I was there I had just been drugged by police and was refused any medical treatment at all by police or by jail staff. Just as I was finally being released almost 24 hours after the illegal detainment, three personnel came to my door claiming one was a doctor, who looked much like the picture on their wall as their nurse and claimed the other man looking at me like i was his new peice of candy, the so called doctor stated was his nurse. I do and will recognize this man even if he no longer has open sores all over his face.

I have to wonder why in my problem with concussion and head injury never treated or even washed out why i feared this so called nurse so much and would nto even let him in my room. Within a month after, I also started having itching and some kind of rash appearing, most probably due to the handling of me or lack of protection given while in this jail, since the marks looked exactly like the marks on this man’s face. I believe I have every right to know what has happened to me and have a safe place to interview staff at this jail, since I am being denied this right, I come to you begging for some resolve. I have been a law abiding citizen all my life and I have been taumatized by this whole experience.

I have gone to our local DA requesting all charges against me be dropped but to no avail and I am not being allowed to even have facts given to me about my detainment nor any reason why i was also refused medical treatment by jail staff. Below is the Grievance I left at the front desk for Warden Browning who has not allowed me any avenue to find anything out or talk to any staff about this. Is it true I cannot file this unless I am a jail inmate, even though I had been drugged and had in medical terms a concussion at the time of detainment. Proof the police acted wrongly is in the fact that he never asked for any taped evidence of me being there until almost two months later.

I am sure he would have known those tapes get destroyed after 30 days, so this had to have been purposefully done, knowing it would had been evidence against his actions and posibly the actions of staff or whoever they allowed near me, assuming it was the one they placed a white smock on claiming to have been a nurse. I can only speculate was done to see if I would remember him. Yet I can only speculate this and have no evidence besides the same medical infection he had I now have and Cruel and Unusual Punishment deffinately falls under itching and not being able to access medical treatment for 7 months, plus risking a major breakout had I not myself been a medic before and have been careful not to infect anyone else with whatever I have.

I beg of you to assist in any way you are able, there is no way I would be infected if I had been being protected in their care.  Thank you for your time and energy to this matter. I look forward to any advice or help you may be able to give.

Thank you,
Billie Sue (no middle name either) Atkinson (Although charges all say it is my middle name even)

Tioga County Jail Grievance Letter:

March 2014

Dear Warden,

I was illegally arrested and tasered by police at around 5:30 PM on September 27, 2013, causing brain damage diagnosed two months later as the medical term defines as a concussion. The slanderous way of press release by police has made even getting medical treatment a problem for me since news was lies by the police and his testimony and documentations and even taped evidence has been altered several times. Tioga County Jail also refused me medical treatment. I have had a rash and itchy problem since that time, is now finally after changing doctors and going to doctors both in Lycoming, Bradford and Tioga County am attempting to gain access to some medical treatment again. This has risked public safety and outbreak if I have been contagious this whole time!

I am requesting any pictures and tape evidence you have, what time I arrived, if I was left alone with your said to be nurse (and what he has medically wrong) who has these exact marks all over his face, that I have had in my bikini line and buttocks ever since, which are extremely painful. I am requesting a meeting to talk with staff that documentation states were five employees, which I find ironic as a need of extended torture after police drugged me prior and I was probably unable to even understand any command asked of me. I have had a clean record all my life but the last time I was illegally detained in 1994, just came back on my fbi clearance, with no local records of this.

I want an investigation on this. I am a law abiding citizen who has been violated my constitutional rights and I want answers, it is my right to know what was done to me and by whom. I also want a list of all five PSP names that brought me in and what time and a reason why I was not placed in holding cell until 10:30 at night. I was then refused a phone call when I asked about 10:00 am and was refused release if I was being framed as drunk which I was sober and do not do illegal drugs yet no one will tell me how I got needle marks on my arms. It is obvious from PSP tape that they must had done this to facilitate more slander in use of words I may or may not have said after brain damage and drugging. I am required to humane treatment, which has been denied of me.

1) All taped and pictures evidence and if it was released to police,

2) A list of names of all 5 PSP officers and if one of them was actually Officer Bob Scott from Blossburg,

3) An interview with all staff involved, the records indicate 5 of them,

4) an answer to why I was not transported to the hospital for the much needed medical attention,

5) the name of the woman who was refusing me a phone call and took the phone from me then she finally did,

6) when you talked to the Judge on the 28, and when you talked to the officer and how you gained this information,

7) I would appreciate your full cooperation and your staffs’ through this process. I was also refused release until I asked to see Matt Baker, 24 hours after being brought there illegally.

Using Judge Carlson as judge was again a conflict since he was just recused from my case a month prior. Your records indicate I was also tasered there solely because I was exhausted and now extremely drugged with what must have been a prescription drug, I also seen documentation state I laid on your floor (infectious disease areas too, unsafe for this to have been allowed with extreme open head wound) instead of placing my hands on a counter for reasons your staff also tasered me, using 5 staff. It must have been obvious to staff I was tortured by police and it was your responsible to protect me from more assault. I already have proof the arresting officer has presented perjury and wish this to matter to be worked out smoothly without any more violations to my rights. I thank you in advance for your time.

I appreciate your full cooperation in this matter.
Thank you,

My Story of Injustice: Billie Sue Atkinson, 
1991: I turned in to state levels how our medical profession and P
sychology Profession was pushing medications which were making Depressed People Suicidal…backed by a huge increase in suicide. No One did anything. I later turned in Our Courts used this to Double Jeopardy people claimed (wrongfully Diagnosed and backed by other professional misconducts) to have been mental to twice the jail time and even being criminally drug through the fraud of court and process for the same crime twice. No One did anything. In January 1994, as I was about to join the Military.. I was illegally jailed on Felony Terroristic Threats charges, while Tioga County, Pennsylvania, illegally stole my two sons, not allowing me the right to be in court. My sister Robin Kent bailed me out after illegally being jailed for 5 days, out of Bradford County Prison- No Records exist I was ever there. Court the following Monday- without me – allowed Joe Cevette (Tioga County CYS-reassigned after) to send my only witness home illegally telling her she had to leave, as she was who I was assigning to have guardianship of my two boys while I did Basic Training, while they lied to Our New Judge Robert Dalton, who placed my first born son with his father illegally then never once protected him through his step mothers abuses and never returned my family to its original state, backed by the then DA James Carlson- who is now our Mansfield, PA District Judge-the only office documents I was innocent are no longer within, proving purposeful destruction of Government Records assisting in CJ Record altering and never fixing-first found out was done in my FBI Clearance of 2013-Statutes not expired-yet refused any correction of). This abuse by Carlson’s position assisted in corrupting the new Judge Dalton(today stated by Att. Mary Morris to own our county prison) into covering up for decades now the abuses they co-conspired since doing in 1994- illegal theft of my child (Kids For Cash)and abuses this has enabled keeping One child being placed with his father, while giving me back my youngest, who was used to keep in placements and harms throughout his childhood, including being sexually assaulted right after giving him back to me in 1994, by assumed a CYS Worker in recent years charged during a mandated supervised visitation with his father, Bruce Mascho… never investigated although reported by Blossburg Laurel Health. I have turned in also the co-conspired abuse of not rendering true treatment for mental and therapy issues not of any help, but actually making people more frustrated than originally without perceived treatment. Our System has known for years the allowed abuses of this system and done nothing. In Which Supreme Court, without allowing me court or access to accepting any true evidence found in video, backing more my own story than lies of co-conspired keep it silent perceived Professionals or any other which proves beyond any doubt corruption and illegal framing, by the allowed covering up of 20 years of abuse started by Judge James Carlson and Judge Robert Dalton, after I also turned in a brutal attack of me and 20 years of now Judge Carlson’s Bias rulings on my family. Injustice and without accepting any evidence to prove the 2013 Illegal Retaliation of framing a DUI, being totally Sober done by Blossburg Robert (Bob) Scott tampering with the BAC Blood Draw specimen and no documentation matching… including a lab tech (Brianna Brooke) Public 18 news coverage, stating they only draw BAC’s and allow unsupervised to hand directly to arresting police…not matching even the illegal Corbett Amendment of 2009, allowing purposely the framing of anyone they choose, to then be mailed, stated by lab tech by them, documented by Bob Scott, he mailed to Wyoming PSP Owned Lab for illegal testing after not at all having Probable Cause nor Meeting Any of The Mandated Ethical Standards of Lab professionals. To on August 9, 2013 be told by SSMH Lab Director Gerald Doran that he had made a deal with Our District Attorney George Wheeler (Whom was one grade below me in High School) to do BAC Draws this way(Illegal Policy) years ago. Done to me the only time I was ever on Tioga County Roads after dark, after being hired for Civil Service job inside Bradford County. Google my name, which also included assigning false alias’ on me and somehow changing the 1994 charge to pretending somehow I plead guilty to harassment, which could had been signed by Carlson or Att Lenore Urbano after I left for my military obligation, some of the 2013 evidence given to me by corrupt co-conspiring and twisting of illegal cover ups done in 2013, after my last turn in all through 2012 was proving that felons were passing PSP Clearance and how my own was FBI Clearance was framed I had pled guilty of the 1994 crimes when Judge Signor, now died, refused to even hold court, which angered greatly DA Carlson who I viewed threatening my mother..and has been a critical part of enabling my ex husband who viciously abused me, conspired with PSP who also refused and DA George Wheeler to illegally protect the true criminals while offering just more attack on the victims who they refused any justice to for years. After proving through an 18 News Site, The lab tech stating they hand BAC to arresting officers after draw and watching Robert Scott tamper with it, to Governor Corbett and the current Senators, the site was removed and they opted to vote outside what was right to continue to place George Wheeler as our new Interim Judge, fill in after Judge Dalton left office midterm, after against me turning in without any option his corruption around my illegally framed ten year custody case, always manipulated against best interest of my boys and in which they had much money keeping, interconnected not honest services this way. Both my two sons and I have been abused severely by Our Local System and No State or Federal Levels have ever once stepped in to render the services they are stated to be rendering and are actually refusing to render. I also had turned in PSP Jason f. Miller in 2010, no Police oversight then or now after he brutally illegally framed me again 2 months after their illegal arrest causing me in injuries in both cases and as well Our Pretend State Rep Matt Baker has forever to my knowledge never once assisted with years and years of going to him and begging for assistance


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