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OVERLOOKING THE OBVIOUS: Why the Federal Judiciary is Getting a Free Pass from Investigation

With the daily bombardment by the media of the quintessential collapse of Executive and Congressional ethics, the Judiciary seems to be getting a free pass.  Yet it  is the most covert, and most powerful branch of our government, with lifetime appointed, unsupervised, unelected people, controlling the law in this country. 

Federal judges consistently override Congress, redefining statutes after they are passed , and they have unilaterly eliminated jury trials, changing your Constitutional rights and access to justice. Even more defiant of democracy, they have created for themselves, an impenetrable, self-serving franchise, that has become steeped in secrecy … Continue Reading ››

Legal Intelligencer: Former U.S. Attorney Calls To Stop Kane Investigation and Focus on Judicial Corruption

There have been numerous legal filings concerning the actions of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, including criminal charges against her. In addition, there have been many disclosures that employees and former employees of the Attorney General's Office have been sending and receiving obscene emails with many others, including members of the judiciary. Many of the senders were employees on staff of the attorney general prior to Kane taking office.

In this flurry of charges and counter-charges, the bar and the courts have side-stepped a major issue. There is substantial evidence that employees of the attorney general have … Continue Reading ››