The cesspool of Pennsylvania is its Judiciary- filled with mobsters that designed it to fleece the public- especially in family court. Kids for Cash, Porngate and the entire traffic court bench fired.  No matter- nothing has been done to provide oversight for these thugs.



  1. I have done my own independent research. Everything you write reinforces the same conclusion I have come to. The judicial system in the United States and Pennsylvania is nothing more than “organized crime under color of law”. Will the people ever wake up?

  2. I currently have a petition for impeachment in the House since December 12, 2018 regarding two judges at the Common Pleas Court level, no action has happened for resolution to impeach despite clear and convincing evidence of the engaging in Article 5 section 17 prohibited activities. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to hear more and possibly do a story on how the House is failing to act to remove bad judges .

    1. I have been in this fight for 20 years. I am an old person now. But, even though there snow on the roof top, there is still a kindling fire in the furnace..
      To give up means to never win..
      And, winners are not quitters, thereby quitters will never win…
      I’m in…

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