Why the Founding Father’s Removed Religion from the Political Equation

While their texts are laced with religious references  and spirituality- you rarely see the founding fathers  announce their gods by name.  Freedom of religion was one of the guarantees of the Constitution.. and imposing their own beliefs would have made them appear hypocritical and damaged their credibility.

They used lessons learned from the country from which they separated in Europe.   Napolean said “religion is the only thing that keeps the poor from killing the rich.”  Similary, in modern times, Marx said “religion is the opiate of the people.” Both these quotes refer to the strategy of using propaganda to control or create a  mass consciousness, allowing leaders or a ruling class i.e. oligarchy, to enrich themselves and inflict their own standards of how the other half should live.

 While historians are starting to doubt that Marie Antoinette actually said “if they don’t have bread let them eat cake” it probably was not far off of  her attitude.  Don’t be fooled by words that are used to pacify and appease you, to further someone elses agenda. We see how well that is working out in the Arab countries, with all their oil money, most of the people still live third world lives centered around religion.  But without fail, the masses eventually get angry, and look for outsiders to blame their problems on.

Religion is personal. It belongs in the home, in your religious institution of your choice, and with family.  And that is how this country has managed to get as far as it has, while the rest of the countries continually falls off the wall and have to be put back together again. It cannot be stressed enough just how well thought out and constructed our Constitution is… however, it is ironic that so many “constitutionalists” bring religion into it, which really spoils the spirit of the movement.


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