Why does Pennsylvania Court System Hold the Record for the Most Corruption?

The short answer is Sicilian Mafia..the evidence here taken together with the below is indisputable.  Don’t let anglicized names fool you. And this is just a small sampling of the disgusting things that are being protected by their goombas and  associates in Harrisburg. And everyone knows the mob loves their bank- the Vatican! The question is why has the FakeBI done nothing to protect the citizens who have been preyed on by them for decades? They use their public offices, especially as judges, to commit mortgage fraud, extortion and coverup child abuse. We are SICK of them. Are YOU?


This list is only the most egregious cases- and is not all inclusive. There are full articles below for more detail.


PORNGATE SCANDAL: Two Supreme Court Justices – Eakin and McCaffery have “resigned” – which technically means they were forced to quit or risk losing their pensions;  ELECTION FRAUD: One Supreme Court Justice- Joan Orie-Melvin was jailed after being found guilty of abusing her office; KIDS FOR CASH: Two Common Pleas Judges – Ciavarelli and Conahan are serving prison time for the biggest judicial scandal in the nations history – Kids for Cash; ENTIRE PHILLY TRAFFIC COURT BENCH FIRED:  The entire Philadelphia Traffic Court Bench was removed for ticket fixing;  TEXTING DA FROM THE BENCH:  Centre County Judge Lunsford decided “not to run again” “retiring” at the end of his term- after he was caught texting with a District Attorney during court; York County Magistrate  Judge Joy indicted for rape- for asking for sexual favors from a litigant in return for favorable treatment.

SOME ICING ON THE CAKE:  Chief Counsel of the Judicial Conduct Board Conceals Associations with Justice Eakin- and dismisses disciplinary complaint;   State Treasurer – Rob McCord- resigned in 2015 after being indicted on federal charges.



Pennsylvania rocked by ‘jailing kids for cash’ scandal

Lunsford “Declines” to Run In Next Election After Caught Texting DA

Judge Lunsford “Declines” to Run Again Judge Lunsford “Declines” to Run Again Judge Lunsford “Declines” to Run Again SEE THE TEXT MESSAGES HERE BETWEEN THE JUDGE AND DA

More Porngate Fallout: Dauphin County Judge Bratton Resigns

Dauphin County Judge Bratton Resigns Philadelphia Judges Indicted in Ticket Case PA State Treasurer Indicted

McCaffery Resigns

Seamus McCaffery Collects $11,000 Monthly Pension | News | Philadelphia Magazine

Good Riddance Justice Castille

Castille OUT CASTILLE LOSES LAWSUIT TO RAISE RETIREMENT AGE Castille OUT Another Supreme Disgraced Ex-Justice Joan Orie Melvin disbarred by consent agreement ‘Kids for Cash’: Crooked Judge, Damaged Teens, and the Perils of Zero Tolerance Courting contempt

Senator Anthony H. Williams Gets the Ball Rolling in Pennsylvania for Judicial Conduct Reform



PA Supreme Court Justice Orie-Melvin Found Guilty

PA Supreme Guilty

JCB Chief Counsel Robert Graci Concealed Associaton with Justice Eakin’s Election Campaign

Chief Counsel of JCB Comes Under Fire Good Bye Philly Traffic Court Judicial Feeding Frenzy Philadelphia Traffic Court Judges Indicted for Fraud Judges Feudale

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Suspended Over Porn Scandal


Suspended Pa. Supreme Court Justice McCaffery won’t be charged over wife’s referral fees Lancaster judge suspended again Former Phila. judge gets two years for trying to fix cases Click to email me HOME GALLERYClick to email me


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