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IMPEACH: Hang ‘Em High By Their Testicles for Exempting Judges from Whistleblower Claims!

It does not get anymore corrupt than this!  Read it for yourself below - it is just a microcosm of everything that is rancid in our nation's government. Here an older man who worked for the Courts, clearly lost his job for exposing corruption.  He sued- only to have it dismissed by three judicial thugs who have no right under the Commonwealth Constitution or federal civil rights law -to deny a jury trial.  But somehow these scumbags on the bench- decided that "legislature did not intend to include the Courts."

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OVERLOOKING THE OBVIOUS: Why the Federal Judiciary is Getting a Free Pass from Investigation

With the daily bombardment by the media of the quintessential collapse of Executive and Congressional ethics, the Judiciary seems to be getting a free pass.  Yet it  is the most covert, and most powerful branch of our government, with lifetime appointed, unsupervised, unelected people, controlling the law in this country. 

Federal judges consistently override Congress, redefining statutes after they are passed , and they have unilaterly eliminated jury trials, changing your Constitutional rights and access to justice. Even more defiant of democracy, they have created for themselves, an impenetrable, self-serving franchise, that has become steeped in secrecy … Continue Reading ››