Deep State uses Legal Industry to Ripoff Americans to Fund Politicians

The legal industry designed for themselves, a faux Judicial Conduct Board whose operating procedures make no mention of protecting the public from judicial criminality.   It states  their only responsibility is to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which is a crooked sanctuary state that harvests votes of illegal aliens; no judge has ever been removed or prosecuted for damages against an individual citizen. The “government,”  which is just people with their own agenda,  deliberately omitted a  mechanism for restitution for victims of judicial corruption.  There are thousands of people bankrupted and homes foreclosed upon as a result, which is of course the point; this is how politicians are funded…especially in a left-wing government.

While complaints to the Judicial Conduct Board more often than not allege some sort of collusion and extortion, no one ever seems to correlate it with millions of dollars that magically appear in campaign contributions from law firms.   Those millions do not come from their  personal piggy banks.  The abundance of free money  comes  from judges deliberately allowing lawyers to prey on  civil litigants – in a highly visible quid pro quo.  The hardest hit in this  feeding frenzy are the most vulnerable members of our society– families and the elderly, in the $2 billion a year family court industry of Pennsylvania.

 The Brennan Center for Justice  reported that Pennsylvania set a new spending record in an election that was ironically the result of three Supreme Court Judges being removed from the bench.  The 2015  judicial campaigns to fill those three seats saw 31% from law firms, of the $21.4 million  contributed, with the top three spenders winning.  Many of those law firms employ  members of our  legislature, who are preserving the outrageous conditions that allow judicial criminality to continue.   What is tantamount to money laundering,   amounted to approximately $45 million from the legal industry in the general  state  elections,  with $3 million going to  Governor Wolf and $1 million to Attorney General Josh Shapiro, all from lawyers.     

This is why the Judicial Conduct Board has a farcical, covert, self-disciplinary process operated by monetarily connected friends and co-workers, that continues to dismiss 99.9% of complaints.   It defies logic that campaign contribution to judges are not considered a threat to judicial integrity, while at the same time they pontificate  that secret disciplinary proceedings are essential for their independence.  They have given themselves the best of both worlds- just as in any other Banana Republic.   

People have  no way of knowing if the public members of the Board even see their complaints, as they are screened by the Chief Counsel.  The Board sees  no problem when they receive a complaint that a litigant has been trying to get out of family court for ten years, or that a judge is ordering them to hire another lawyer even if it means liquidating their home.  According to the operating procedures- everyone gets a dismissal letter and no one is told if any actions are taken.

The whole system is an obvious scam by a network of dubious characters, many of whom are still in the legislature today, that really took Pennsylvania for a ride in 1993 when the Judicial Conduct Board was created.  Their names are in the pdf file posted below on pages 9-12.  You will see Senator Stewart Greenleaf, who has been Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee for 30 years – as a primary author, and also current Federal Judge D Michael Fisher.  Below that is another document of the public hearings held, and in particular where there was opposition to the secrecy and immunity on P. 15.

It  seems they have  learned nothing nor even made one change in the Board – after their Chief Counsel  Joseph Massa was terminated for his role in the Kids for Cash disgrace.  The current Chief Counsel, Robert Graci, is the same one who dismissed the complaint against former Justice Michael Eakin- in the Porngate debacle. When it was discovered Graci had been Eakin’s campaign manager, he was supposed to have been investigated by the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission.  If anyone is wondering why that never happened, maybe it is because the Director of the Ethics Commission is  Robert Caruso,, and the Chief Counsel’s Administrator is Paula Caruso.

No matter how many judicial scandals there are, the great American hoax of absolute immunity continues to be represented as for the benefit of society.  The only people it benefits are criminals, as it stands to reason that only criminals on the bench would have anything to fear of a process they claim is so truth worthy and infallible.  As a result the entire Judiciary has become entrenched in organized crime, with Pennsylvania as the poster state for bad behavior.

Even though the Commonwealth holds the national record for the most Supreme Court justices impeached, removed and/or forced to resign, it’s just business as usual.    When will the people of Pennsylvania say they have had enough and take real action?  One way is to demand term limits in our legislature – as of now we have had the same Chairs of the powerful  House and Senate Judiciary Committees for over two decades, who personally  filter what bills will be voted on.  That is the definition of insanity.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”ARTICLE V, SECTION 18 JCB Referendum”] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”JCB REferendum PA Constitution Amendment hearings House”]

4 thoughts on “Deep State uses Legal Industry to Ripoff Americans to Fund Politicians”

  1. Although they should remember when their ticket is punched and they’re in front of God you’ll have to answer to him of how they can treat another human being like a commodity and not a human they’re not gonna get to heaven says:

    Are judicial system is just as bad as the mob you’re gonna scratch each other‘s back and beach other safety cushion as they get richer stealing children every individual should make them on and wear as a badge and make them be proud of having like to sell children . Although they should remember when their ticket is punched and they’re in front of God you’ll have to answer to him of how they can treat another human being like a commodity and not a human they’re not gonna get to heaven

    1. Our Judiciary is the mob.. its been mafia run for decades out of Allegheny County- by the Zappala crime family.

  2. I’ve lived with the wrong doing that runs so deep in the Judicial system that I believe needs to exposed at every level. Those that are involved need to be held accountable. Those that have been wronged need to be heard and compensated. Governor Tom Wolf you have ability to make a difference. Time to bring back Liberty and Justice for all..🗽⚖️🏁 Justice for Joel Atkin Erie Pa Self Defense to Murder, all because the aggressor was related to the arresting officer.. Truth hidden and lies prevailed.

  3. When are we going to start setting up workshops for people to file lawsuits on their own without the aid of Mafioso lawyers? When is such a movement going to begin? Small groups of class action pro se litigants. There’s strength in numbers and law is not that hard to do if you use LexisNexis or WestLaw programs.

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