The American Judicial Branch: A Magnet for Organized Crime and the Epitome of Failed Capitalism

Thanks to Shakespeare’s tongue-in-cheek infamous quote, we have become desensitized to the dishonesty of lawyers, but it’s no joke.  They now populate the majority of the Legislature, the Executive and the Judicial Branches, and all lawyers belong to the same labor union – the State  bar associations.  This has effectively removed the separation of powers necessary to maintain democracy.   With power no longer divided,  this closed club has created a lingering obligation and dependency between the legal industry and politicians, turning the civil courts into little more than a funding generator for election campaigns.  The magnitude and seriousness of this problem has been ignored because those responsible for its remedy, are also those that benefit from seeing its perpetuation. 

Benevolence is an Illusion 

Tens of millions of dollars are “contributed” each year to politicians, money that could pay for half the country’s homeless. For anyone with cyberstalking skills, if you examine campaign finance records you will see that the largest source of these funds are attorneys.   It is a mistake to assume this is “extra” money from generous, wealthy, highly skilled litigators who dig into their deep pockets.

These are not really donations at all, but a money laundering service provided by the legal profession.  The maximization of their unregulated hourly fees are virtually encouraged by judges, a portion being already earmarked as campaign financing.  In return lawyers are among the wealthiest people, even though the visibly saturated market would logically produce opposite results.

While in many countries it is illegal for attorneys to induce litigation, here the duplicitous conditions encourage  lawyers to create the problems they profess to solve,  because abuse of the legal system has become crucial for politicians to maintain their power. The American legal industry has been given free reign to pursue clients who would otherwise likely never get involved with the courts.  They hang out with tow truck drivers and in emergency rooms, and read obituaries to see whose parent died in a nursing home they can sue.

Whether or not they prevail in court is of no consequence; lawyers make out like bandits either way thanks to judges collaborating in the hourly fee charade.  With a little bit of research, you can see that the largest donors correlate with the biggest law suit settlements.

Capitalism Cannot Morally or Ethically be Applied to Justice

One of the most shameful legal scams is exploitation of families drawn into divorce court.  The Judiciary’s monopoly on the dissolution of marriage,  is estimated to be a $50 to $100 billion a year industry in the U.S.  Notwithstanding that it is morally bankrupt to charge for this human service, the effect has been the extortion of marital estates and destruction of millions of lives, creating homelessness and fueling the opioid epidemic.

The predatory nature of the court system has one objective:  converting the assets of unsuspecting victims, into hourly attorney fees and when the cash is gone, they engineer foreclosure on the homes.  The latter also serves to satisfy unfunded liabilities by laundering money to the government pension funds  that have become otherwise  unsustainable.  The situation in the U.S. is truly one of massive ethical and moral decay benefiting generations of privileged political families and their friends who are living off of public monies.

Synchronized or Organized- What’s in a Name?

This synchronized malfeasance aka organized crime, could not have become this widespread had it not been for the involvment of the Federal judges.  After going from one useless governmental agency to the other, many wind up in the U.S. District Courts, as the only apparent remedy for state court corruption.  Most people at this point are self-represented and of no value to the synchronized scam; they are met with the same denial of fundamental rights they suffered in the state courts.

One can spend five years in the federal arena, after ten years in the state jurisdiction, only to never  be allowed in a courtroom. and  denied the right to jury trials.  These violations of the most fundamental rights under our U.S. Constitution, result in most cases of pro se litigants being unjustly dismissed.  This includes not just challenges to state court conduct, but records show the entire civil rights employment protections have also been undermined for decades by these unchecked federal judges, to protect corporate donors,.

They  get away with this abuse,  because the Judiciary is the only branch of government with no outside oversight- it is completely internally regulated, and that tends to be between a very close circle who previously worked together in law firms and state courts. They make their own procedural rules, which they have decided to give authority over the legislated law, including giving themselves immunity from being sued.

Two Federal Judges Challenge the Judicial Criminality

What could go wrong for them? These tyrannical, undemocratic conditions have created the perfect safe haven for a criminal element.  As traditionally, organized crime continues to be predominantly in the Middle Atlantic States, but has taken this new form, The  groups who in previous generations worked gambling and numbers rackets, sent their children to law school with the objective of inserting their own code of law.  Very few people notice this stealth, racketeering faction , and its farcical  “Judicial Conduct Committees,” which usurped the Judicial Branch over the last 50 years.

One unusually ethical Seventh Circuit Appelllate Federal Judge,  Richard Posner, resigned in 2017,  because of what he says is an abhorrent culture of mistreatment of pro se litigants: “Pro see’s are in a difficult position, not only because most of them can’t afford lawyers and the rest don’t have lawyers, but also perhaps, more importantly because of widespread judicial hostility to them; they are thought by many judges unworthy of the attention of the judiciary. …I retired from my court last September because of my distress at the summary fashion in which the court disposed of pro se appeals- rejecting them even when they had merit.” (Justice for Pro See’s –published March 2018). Posner has written multiple books on the topic and implemented a nonprofit to attempt to address it.

There is no protection for the people because of this “Catch 22”, which is why one other unusual individual, Federal Judge Mark Wolf, Senior United States District of Massachusetts, has been trying form an International Anti-Corruption court. Needless to say it has been an uphill battle. In September 2017, he addressed the Academy of Arts and Sciences in his speech “Challenging Corrupt Practices.”

Wolf appeared to be walking on eggshells as he spoke, specifically avoiding the mention of America,  but he stated “It is not uncommon for corrupt public officials to have connections to organized crime…The grand corruption depends on a culture of impunity that exists when corrupt leaders control the administration of justice [kleptocracy aka Catch22]…Corruption is a crime of calculation, when public officials can calculate they would not get caught, they won’t be prosecuted or punished, there is nothing to inhibit them from robbing their countries.”  And this is exactly where America stands today…a kleptocracy.

 It is clear that where the U.S. fell off the wagon, was allowing capitalism to be applied to justice. Therefore,  did Shakespeare also provide us the only solution to the problem?

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