Stoopid Pennsylvanians – You Keep Voting the Scum Back In

Judge Dan Pelligrini
Judge P. Kevin Brobson
Judge Gardner Colins






These three Senior judicial thugs decided that our “Legislators did not intend to include the Courts” in the Whistleblower laws.  They pulled this stunt with a surrealistic opinion claiming that the Courts are not Commonwealth Agencies.  Huh..come again?

Read it for yourself- Here an older man who worked for the Courts, clearly lost his job for exposing corruption.  He sued- only to have it dismissed by the three self-serving jokers- who you idiots voted back multiple times.  

WHAT THE FUCK?? This case ruling is as bad as it gets, especially since at least two of the judges (Colin and Robeson) had conflicts of interest as members of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board. They also go so far as to misquote the PA Constutition Article V 10(c) that gives the Courts rulemaking authority. The Courts have been overeaching that authority for decades, which is limited to “general rules” and not the quagmore of shit they have flung on Pennsylvania since 1968.

Porngate, Kids for Cash, Pedophilia Priest coverups, Penn State -Sandusky disgrace …. and still you voted to retain judges – even the Luzerne County judicial mafia victims have been blindly pushing that “yes” button in retention elections.

HAVEN’T YOU HAD ENOUGH OF OUR FAKE COURTS?   If you as a citizen have any dignity left, you will contact your Legislators and DEMAND THESE JUDGES BE IMPEACHED!


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