The Untouchables – The Judiciary in America

“Judicial Branch” is in reference to all lawyers, including those that function as judges.  The Judicial Branch in this country is completely unaccountable to the people. This is particularly dangerous because they have the ultimate power to control the legislature.  They are currently operating in the same manner, as every country that has ended up in volatile revolutionary status.

Thousands of people, if not tens of thousands, are being denied due process.  These are in both civil and criminal cases.  No matter who you are, you are at risk. This is directly a result of the American Bar Association, to which all of the members of the Judiciary belong, having formed a shadow government.  They have been incrementally gaining jurisdiction since the 1970’s, and are now running the country,  overpowering  the the other two branches.

People are being incarcerated unfairly, having their homes foreclosed and just plain having their assets extorted through the courts.  And there is just no one to go to-it is a dead end at every turn.  Lawyers are self-governing, and even in the “code of conduct” it states that they operate outside the government. There is currently no restitution mechanism for damages causes by a member of the Judicial Branch.  They gave themselves absolute immunity in the 1970s, and further empowered themselves in 1995, by changing the United States Constitution under Section 1983, which is the law used  to file a civil rights law suit, for violations of due process and discrimination.

The majority of the public is blind to this, and will not see it until it is too late.  You cannot call your government to complain.  You will  reach  a digital voicemail, asking you to push a multitude of buttons, only to reach a low-level government employee, who will direct you to another low level employee.  Many of us, who are directly involved with the courts, have gone so far as to contact their Attorney Generals, the FBI and Governors’ offices, only to be told they have no “jurisdiction” over the Judicial Branch.

Going before a judge, even when represented by a lawyer, who is a also member of the bar, is a conflict of interest. The only objective they both have is to complicate and prolong the case, to bill for as many hours as possible. Once you become entangled in the court system, you will be sent trivial items via U.S. Mail and confirmations of emails received, but nothing will ever get resolved, UNLESS you have the resources to pay huge fees to members of the bar association.  Even if you win, you lose.  And you may wind up incarcerated, even if you are innocent, often for prosecutorial misconduct that is rampant. You may wait years or decades, to be freed, and they go unpunished.

If you try to send a letter to a judge, regarding the flaws in the system, it will be refused and returned to you.  If you are not represented by a lawyer, you cannot be heard by the Supreme Court.  They now only hear cases where parties are represented by attorneys, in violation of the U.S. Constitution of 1776. Many that cannot afford lawyers, have tried to gain access to appeals courts, and all have been rejected.

The New Civil Rights Movement

In 2013, the American Bar Association put out a call to action, stating that there were not enough lawyers in the Legislature, and is building a war chest to gain even more power.   In fact, the original Constitution prohibits anyone from holding two offices, and as “officers of the court,” attorneys are not even legally allowed to serve in government offices.

These lawyers are the sole contributors to the judicial election campaigns of every judge.  It is clearly documented online.  Every judge that serves on a case, has some monetary connection to that lawyer, whether it be through a direct campaign, or through a Political Action Committee (PAC) to hide their names.  The judges know this.

Those of us with our eyes wide open, spend every spare minute working to change this.  We need to restore the democracy. But our biggest obstacle is the apathy of the public, who only contact us once it is too late. If you are not one of the sleeping majority or would like to be awakened, please create a login at (your privacy is respected) at Pennsylvania Court Watch so we can keep you updated on the legislation and events. We encourage other groups to join us.

Thank you.


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