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Assistant U.S. Attorney Warned About Pennsylvania Constitution Article V Section 10(c)


1998 - Prediction from a future U.S. Attorney 

"AN ABUSE OF POWER: How the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Uses Article V Section 10(c) of the Pennsylvania Constitution to Dominate Procedural Law-Making and Why Pennsylvania Should Amend This Constitutional Provision"

Jason Bologna, Esq.   Copyright (c) 1998 Temple University of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education

(Jason Bologna is now an Assistant U.S. Attorney, based in Philadelphia, PA. He works for the U.S. Attorney General's office based in Washington DC. He was unable to get clearance to speak with me on this … Continue Reading ››

The Missing Link – Supreme Court Ends Transparency in Government

This letter and filed decision below, from the PA Supreme Court to Governor Milton Shapp- is a crucial link in the puzzle of rampant corruption that has infested our judicial system and the entire U.S. Government in general. In striking down this Act, they even go so far as to list other states that had done this, and most soon followed suit during this era in 1978. 

By declaring the Governor's Act Title 42 Sec. 1703-unconsitutional,  which mandated the Judiciary  comply … Continue Reading ››