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Judge Claims Attorney Generals Cannot Investigate Themselves – But Judges Can?

crownblackThere is an excerpt  below from an article in the Nation's oldest legal publication, the Legal Intelligencer, that is now owned by Apax Partners LLP, a UK-based private equity and venture capital firm, headquartered in London, England. It appears we are still a colony run by the monarchy.  This is also probably why our court venues are still modeled by the archaic system in England, from which we supposedly separated in 1776.  Our system still includes "sovereign immunity" in the form of "judicial immunity" taken from the concept that "the king can … Continue Reading ››

Marbury v. Madison

The Dangers of Judicial Review

MarburyThis case in the year 1803 is the first time the U.S. Supreme Court over powered the other two branches of government.  Thomas Jefferson warned about "Judicial Review" multiple times. Marbury was actually his cousin. In Pennsylvania, judicial review was invoked to repeal the Opening Meeting Laws, exempting them from public and legislative control.

James Madison

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The Judicial Branch Removed Itself From the Checks And Balances System in the 1970’s

What happened described herein, spread to every state across the nation, beginning in the 1970’s, facilitated through the American Bar Association. If you do not live in Pennsylvania, the law was still most likely changed in the same manner in your state.. This was the self-exemption through the Supreme Court using the power of judicial review, from the Open Meeting Laws by the Judicial branches.

The Missing Link – Supreme Court Ends Transparency in Government

This letter and filed decision below, from the PA Supreme Court to Governor Milton Shapp- is a crucial link in the puzzle of rampant corruption that has infested our judicial system and the entire U.S. Government in general. In striking down this Act, they even go so far as to list other states that had done this, and most soon followed suit during this era in 1978. 

By declaring the Governor's Act Title 42 Sec. 1703-unconsitutional,  which mandated the Judiciary  comply … Continue Reading ››

Are We Witnessing the End of Democracy through the Judicial Branch-As Jefferson Predicted?

This is not another site of a conspiracy theorist, or a paranoid rant about an alternate society running our government. This is a documented expose’, regarding the effect of ignoring warnings, that are now being realized. The truth may very well be that this all evolved without any sort of conspiracy- just the natural evolution that comes about through time, when the checks and balances that were put in place by one generation, were somehow inadvertently removed. Of the three branches of government – Executive, Legislative and Judiciary- the third has attained unchecked power.