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Constitutional Challenge to Statute

Rule 5.1. Constitutional Challenge to a Statute

(a) Notice by a Party. A party that files a pleading, written motion, or other paper drawing into question the constitutionality of a federal or state statute must promptly:

(1) file a notice of constitutional question stating the question and identifying the paper that raises it, if:

(A) a federal statute is questioned and the parties do not include the United States, one of its agencies, or one of its officers or employees in an … Continue Reading ››

Are The Inmates Running the Asylum In Your State?


NOTE:  This research was done in 2008 - your state may have made changes in the laws - either increasing or decreasing the Judiciary Rule-Making power.  Check the Open Meeting Laws also here.

Checks and Balance between the Three Branches of Government


 December 30, 2008 2008-R-0430

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Assistant U.S. Attorney Warned About Pennsylvania Constitution Article V Section 10(c)


1998 - Prediction from a future U.S. Attorney 

"AN ABUSE OF POWER: How the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Uses Article V Section 10(c) of the Pennsylvania Constitution to Dominate Procedural Law-Making and Why Pennsylvania Should Amend This Constitutional Provision"

Jason Bologna, Esq.   Copyright (c) 1998 Temple University of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education

(Jason Bologna is now an Assistant U.S. Attorney, based in Philadelphia, PA. He works for the U.S. Attorney General's office based in Washington DC. He was unable to get clearance to speak with me on this … Continue Reading ››