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A Loaded Word – “Treason”

These people were all convicted under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115. Some were executed, some served in prison, while others were given presidential pardons either posthumously or during their lifetimes, and were paroled.

1968 PA Constitutional Amendment Article V Section 10(c)

Content of Article V Section 10(C) of the Pennsylvania Constitution

(c) The Supreme Court shall have the power to prescribe general rules governing practice, procedure and the conduct of all courts, justices of the peace and all officers serving process or enforcing orders, judgments or decrees of any court or justice of the peace, including the power to provide for assignment and reassignment of classes of actions or classes of appeals among the several courts as the needs of justice shall require, and for admission to the bar and to practice law, … Continue Reading ››

The Judicial Branch Removed Itself From the Checks And Balances System in the 1970’s

What happened described herein, spread to every state across the nation, beginning in the 1970’s, facilitated through the American Bar Association. If you do not live in Pennsylvania, the law was still most likely changed in the same manner in your state.. This was the self-exemption through the Supreme Court using the power of judicial review, from the Open Meeting Laws by the Judicial branches.

Proving Fraud in a Residential Real Estate Transaction

Proving Fraud in a Residential Real Estate Transaction | The Legal Intelligencer