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Try Your Luck – The Lawyers Client Security Fund

One of the lesser known provisions of the U.S. legal system is a "safety net" called Lawyers Fund for Client Security, which comes under the The National Client Protection Organization, Inc.   There are branches in almost every state in the country.   These funds are supposed to provide restitution for theft perpetrated by attorneys, however like everything in the American courts, you have to jump hoops to have any success.

As with everything in our capitalist regime,  experience has shown these funds to lean more towards a another revenue generating maching for the Judiciary, with a … Continue Reading ››

Publicly Funded Justice Reform Agency Refuses to Address Court Corruption- Sends funds to Europe

The below email was a response to an inquiry through their website regarding their progress in addressing the most abusive area in civil law - the family courts.The National Center for State Courts receives millions of dollars in public funding. If you have never heard of this organization, it is not suprising because they have accomplished little more than creating jobs for dozens of lawyers- on your tax dollars.  They determined that the below email content violates the "code of conduct."  You be the judge.  You can contact them … Continue Reading ››

Message Sent to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Committee

“Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rulemaking or legislation which would abrogate them.”

U.S. Supreme Court Opinion -MIRANDA V. ARIZONA 384 U.S. 436 (1966)

For too long, the Pennsylvania Rules Committees have been allowed to twist and pervert the procedures to obstruct citizens access to  hearings and jury trials.

The rules need to be reviewed by the legislature as to their constitutionality – greedy lawyers are concocting procedures purely to rip-off the public –especially pro se litigants.  I know of no pro se litigants that have … Continue Reading ››